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It helps to have an Odessa pre planning funeral checklist when you make arrangements for future memorial services. This way, you can ensure that all the details are covered and you won’t be leaving these difficult decisions to your loved ones. Completing a pre planning memorial checklist in Odessa TX might not be easy, but all of our families agree that a major burden is lifted once the planning process is complete.

What Should Be Included in an Odessa Pre Planning Memorial Checklist?

At Martinez Funeral Chapels and Crematory, we help families pre plan their end of life services in an efficient manner. We try to get as much information as possible so that we can plan a meaningful service that follows your wishes. Here are some of the items that will be on the planned funeral checklist in Odessa TX. 

  • Who is responsible for the arrangements 
  • How much you want to spend on the service  
  • For pre payments, how much you can afford each month  
  • Music, scriptures, a theme, memorabilia, etc. that you want featured at your service 
  • Burial or cremation
  • Final resting place  

Why Should I Complete a Pre Planning Funeral Checklist?

Think about the other types of life experiences that you plan for. Not all of them are pleasant, but you surely have health insurance in case you are sick or injured, as well as life insurance. You plan for your retirement and might even have a long-term care plan to cover the cost of assisted living. Having an Odessa pre planning funeral checklist is no different. Here are some of the benefits to completing an Odessa planned memorial checklist. 

  • Lock in today’s prices 
  • Protect yourself from inflation
  • Relieve loved ones from having to complete an Odessa pre planning memorial checklist
  • Eliminate doubts or uncertainties
  • Enjoy unlimited peace of mind   

Martinez Funeral Chapels and Crematory is happy to go through your Odessa pre planning funeral checklist and ensure that your service is held to your wishes.

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