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Odessa end of life planning is something that all people should talk about with their loved ones. Although no one likes to think of themselves leaving this Earth, it’s something that we can’t stop from happening. What we can do, however, is choose to celebrate our lives with beautiful and loving Odessa cemetery services.

Give a Gift to Your Loved Ones

By planning for Odessa end of life services, you give your loved ones the best “last” gift possible. You don’t want your children to have to make difficult decisions when they should be grieving. You don’t want to leave your spouse in charge of paying for the funeral. Odessa end of life planning ensures that your wishes will be met and that your family and friends won’t be left with any burden.

End of Life Services in Odessa TX

At Martinez Funeral Chapels and Crematory, we are more comfortable with the concept of death than the average person because we see it so often. We know how to make the conversation with clients more comfortable. Some of the things that we will discuss during your end of life planning in Odessa TX are:

  • Theme for your memorial
  • Scriptures you want read 
  • Music you want played 
  • Photo montage or video
  • Activities, hobbies, talents to share 
  • Flowers and other decor
  • Cemetery services in Odessa TX 
  • Who is in charge of your arrangements 
  • Whether you want to be buried or cremated
  • How much you want to spend  

Start Planning Today

Think of Odessa end of life services like anything else that you would plan for in life: retirement, life insurance, etc. It’s something that will eventually happen, and you want to prepare yourself and your loved ones in the best way possible.

To start this journey in a comfortable and compassionate manner, call Martinez Funeral Chapels and Crematory. Our funeral directors will be happy to help you with Odessa end of life planning.

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